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The concept of NonsenseCast is to discuss some pop culture as well as things that happen in daily life. We try to keep the show loose (like Des), fun, and freeform. We have plans to do a monthly trivia segment and would love to have challengers. I hope you enjoy listening and feel free to spread the word if you do.


Michael/Mike/renmiked : I’ve been listening to podcasts for years and have guested here and there. So far I’m enjoying NonsenseCast and hope that my co-host doesn’t creep me out too much. With all that I try to be interesting and maybe make people think, just a little (I like penis). I’m also in the process of starting another podcast “Reality Works” with Coach Hill. That show is dedicated to work-based reality programming.

Des/Desiree’/sitakatherine : ssshhh Don’t tell Des but I am writing her bio. So Des does the “What’s on Television” podcast with Steph Smith and has guested on numerous other podcasts as well. She is a pretty awesome chick and loves getting drunk.  Don’t tell her but she’s a great friend.


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  1. Can’t wait for this podcast to come out. It’s going to be interesting to hear Mike & Des on their own podcast together.

  2. It’s going to be a hot tranny mess. Because Mike is a hot tranny and I’m a mess. Lol!

  3. I have decided that Mike & I are now going to be BFFs. Best Frenemies Forever!


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